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We know hiring an attorney after a serious injury can be a difficult task. You want an experienced lawyer who understands your accident or injury case, and who knows how to get you the compensation and the results that you deserve. Our Oregon Personal Injury lawyers have been recognized for their success and kind, thorough representation of injury victims. Let us help you today. We have offices throughout Oregon for the convenience of our clients.

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Our Practice Areas Include:

Pedestrian Accidents

Every year there are approximately 62,000 pedestrian fatalities in the United States and more than 110,000 pedestrian injuries. Many of these fatalities and injuries are caused by negligent and dangerous drivers. The Oregon attorneys of ODInjuryAttorneys work with our clients to ensure the guilty party is held legally responsible for the damages he or she has caused. In the United States driving requires responsible behavior. Drivers must obey the law and use caution while operating their vehicle, which includes observing pedestrians and people riding bicycles. Injures sustained by pedestrians can be very serious and life altering.

Motorcycle Accidents

In the past several years, the number of people riding motorcycles has increased significantly. To motorcycle enthusiasts, there is nothing freer that being out on the open road and feeling the wind in your face. The oneness with the road and the wide-open spaces provide a rush of adrenaline that cannot be compared to any other driving experience. However, the open road presents unique dangers for motorcycle drivers and riders, as the risk of being involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle is great. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcyclist is five times more likely to be injured and 25 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than an individual riding in another type of passenger vehicle.

Wrongful Death

Many times, an accident is not just an accident. Unfortunately, some accidents result in tragedy and people lose their lives because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. The death of the victim does not always prevent the responsible party from being held accountable for his actions. The family members of the deceased accident victim may still be able to hold a negligent party responsible for the death of their family member through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Auto Accidents

There is a strong possibility that every person reading this will be involved in some kind of car accident in his or her lifetime. With millions of miles of road in this country and hundreds of millions of cars, it isn’t surprising that there would be a fender-bender or two. In fact, the number of car accidents annually is somewhere around six million. Some car accidents cause more than just minor damage. Some can be so severe that they result in death or serious bodily injury and many of these are the result of one driver’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.