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Oftentimes, there can be a big difference between what you and an insurance company think is the value of a vehicle. If you do believe the insurance company is not compensating you fairly, you have the recourse of bringing in an experienced attorney to help you get the maximum value you are entitled to for your vehicle. Here are some steps you can take to help you and your attorney dispute the insurance company’s estimate:

  • Research the cost of cars similar to your vehicle using a service like Kelly Blue Book.
  • Examine the car-loss analysis for errors. Even small mistakes on things like the year or mileage can make a difference in what the insurance company is offering you. Call your insurance company to request a copy of this document.
  • Make copies of all after-market improvement receipts, and take photographs documenting the improvements. Replacing standard wheels with custom wheels, altering the exhaust system or paying for a custom paint job can all add value to the vehicle.

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