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The law protects you from creditor harassment. Olsen Daines regularly sues collectors for unfair practices.

You have the right to refer all collectors to your attorney. You can retain OlsenDaines as your attorneys right now for little cost. Then the next time a collector calls, give them the Olsen Daines name and number and all future calls must stop.

Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start from your debts. But not all collectors follow the bankruptcy rules. Olsen Daines regularly sues collectors for violating the bankruptcy rules, even years after a case has been filed.

Michael Fuller is a partner at Olsen Daines. But Michael doesn’t file bankruptcies – he specializes in suing collectors for breaking the bankruptcy rules. His cell phone number is 503-201-4570. If a collector ever harasses you or your family during or after your bankruptcy, call Michael immediately.