Bankruptcy Attorneys bringing debt relief to OREGON, Idaho and Washington law firm of OlsenDaines offers real solutions for individuals and businesses. We help our clients obtain bankruptcy protection to end garnishment, stop foreclosures, get rid of creditor harassment, prevent utility shut off, avoid car repossessions, discharge taxes, pay off back child support, stop license suspension and return peace to their lives.client login
  • Oregon Bankruptcy Help Oregon Our Oregon bankruptcy attorneys have over 30 years of experience. By using chapter 13 to prevent foreclosures and eliminate second mortgages, OlsenDaines has helped thousands of Oregon Families keep their homes. Our offices in Albany, Bend, Coos Bay, Eugene, Grants Pass, Hillsboro, Klamath Falls, Medford, Portland, Roseburg, Salem and Lake Oswego all feature experienced bankruptcy lawyers who offer free consultation and caring advice about debt resolution. more
  • Washington Debt Resolution Washington With offices in Tacoma,Tri-Cities and Vancouver our Washington bankruptcy attorneys use Chapter 13 bankruptcies to save homes, lift tax levies and prevented automobile and truck repossessions. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we've helped our bankruptcy clients find a way out from crushing debt and with complimentary credit rebuilding instruction, helped them achieve a foothold in their new lives. more
  • Idaho Bankruptcy Attorneys Idaho From our office in Boise, our Idaho bankruptcy attorneys specialize in filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases to prevent the garnishment of wages, help our clients get caught up on past due child support, lift bank levies, protect homes and relieve our clients from overwhelming credit card debt. While we have handled thousands of bankruptcies, we understand each situation is uniquely burdensome to our clients and respect and treat our clients with care and concern. more
  • Utah Foreclosure Prevention Rebuilding Your Credit OlsenDaines provides its clients clients with FREE access to the 720 Credit Rebuilding Program test. more

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Albany Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Albany Office:
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Bend Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Meridian Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Coos Bay Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Eugene Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Grants Pass Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Tri-Cities Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Klamath Falls Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Klamath Falls Office:
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Medford Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Portland Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Portland Office:
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Roseburg Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Roseburg Office:
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Salem Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Salem Office:
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Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Tacoma Office:
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Lake Oswego Bankruptcy Attorneys
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Lake Oswego Office:
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Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
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Vancouver Bankruptcy Attorneys

Vancouver Office:
310 West 11th St.
Vancouver, Washington 98660
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Whether you're facing foreclosure, tax issues, garnishment or just want to find out more about bankruptcy in Oregon, Washington or Idaho, the law firm of OlsenDaines can help. Whatever type of financial burden you are carrying, our bankruptcy lawyers have the professional experience and personal commitment to help you with the following resources:

  • Now, OlsenDaines offers all of its clients with FREE enrollment at 720 We not only want to eliminate your debt but help you on your path to rebuilding credit and a fresh financial life. This program which normally costs $1000 is provided for absolutely free to all OlsenDaines clients.
  • Our site will help you learn how to file bankruptcy.
  • Facing a lawsuit? We can stop a lawsuit through bankruptcy. We can also assist in the halting of a tax levy and through chapter 13 bankruptcy wipe out taxes or pay taxes over time without penalties and interest.
  • OlsenDaines has a local office near you. Our attorneys are local and call the areas around our offices home. From the economy's troubles to the suffering housing market, we understand the financial strains our clients are facing.
  • We understand the magnitude of your situation and know that it is sometimes hard to ask for help. Call us toll free at 1(800)682-9568 for free immediate answers to your questions email now us for an instant response.
  • Our bankruptcy fees are reasonable and affordable. When we are retained for as little as $200 you can refer your creditors to our office. When you are considering bankruptcy, the last thing you want to worry about is confusing attorney fees. Some bankruptcy firms may quote a low price to get clients in the door, but here at OlsenDaines, we understand that you are going through difficult financial times, so we strive to be up front and clear with our pricing. We disclose our costs and fees from the beginning, and we offer our clients various methods of payment plans.
  • We can help stop a foreclosure now and save your home through chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Our lawyers will help stop a garnishment and get a fresh start for you through chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • We will discuss filing a chapter 13 and eliminating your second mortgage. We eliminated over 20 million dollars in second mortgages for our clients last year alone allowing them to keep their homes. OlsenDaines routinely strips or eliminates around 2 million in 2nd mortgages each and every month. Check out our blog where we publish a list of 2nd mortgages amounts we strip every few weeks.
  • Keep your car, home, and business with expert bankruptcy planning. We understand the state and federal exemptions and work within these laws to keep the assets you need.
  • Are you fighting harassing phone calls and letters, garnished wages, lawsuits or repossessions? Are you trying to save your home and property from foreclosure? The circumstances that drive someone to file for bankruptcy are never simple. Lost jobs, divorce, unforeseen medical events and financial stress all bring people to our doors. We know that your circumstances are uniquely important to you, which is why we afford every one of our clients the individual concern his or her situation merits.
  • From our first free consultation with one our bankruptcy attorneys to a credit rebuilding guide, OlsenDaines is with you every step of the bankruptcy process. Because our bankruptcy experience is tremendous, we are able to address your financial difficulties with the expertise and careful planning you are seeking.
  • Our bankruptcy attorneys will offer you honest, straightforward legal advice. We genuinely strive to not just offer you our services, but to help you make the best decision for your situation. Call (800) 682-9568 to get started.
  • Learn more about bankruptcy here.

Chapter 7 liquidation of debt

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This is the most common type of bankruptcy. In almost all cases you keep all your property and your debts are simply wiped out. Each state has certain exemptions. For most persons, all their property is exempt, meaning your property is protected. Our job is to advise you so there are no problems. We will review what property you own. In some instance we will engage in pre bankruptcy planning so that all your assets are legally protected (you will not lose it when you file bankruptcy). Chapter 7 is normally over in around four months.


chapter 13 reorganization of debt

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 resolves many problems that cannot be resolved through chapter 7. A chapter 13 is often filed to stop a foreclosure and save the family home.

Chapter 12 help for the family farmer

Chapters 11 and 12 Bankruptcy

Find out more about Chapter 11 and 12.